What is a Business Coach?

Like your coach in school sports, a business coach guides you, mentors you, and gets you to do the things you need to do to bring your business to the next level. A business coach will at times take you out of your comfort zone to achieve what you have never been able to achieve before. Like that school coach that showed you what to do, then observed you as you tried that exercise or drill the first time, gave you advice on how to do it better, and then was there to celebrate your success with you, a business coach is with you every step of the way. 

Today professional and Olympic athletes in every sport have coaches to help them bring their game to the next level, as do their competitors. In business, many successful business people, both owners of companies and executives of large corporations, have coaches to give them as much of a strategic advantage as possible.

When you work with a business coach, you receive a business education while using your business as the beneficiary of your work. MBA schools typically focuses on what you need to know to succeed in the corporate world. An education with a business coach prepares you with the knowledge, skills and experience in your own business, so you can succeed as an entrepreneur or intrepreneur (or corporate entrepreneur).

When working with a business coach, by getting you to think differently, you will take different actions, resulting in a more successful business while you accelerate both your growth as a business person, and the growth of your business. The know ledge, skills and experience you gain can be used both in your current business, and in future businesses.

Types of Business Owners that Utilize ROI Business Coach

Business owners with which have worked over the years tend to have challenges holding them and their businesses back in one of the following three areas:

  • Team/Energy – Your team will either energize you or drain you of energy. The net result is that you are either getting more accomplished in your business than in the past, or you are asking yourself if you should replace members of your team because they are costing you far more than their salaries. Often business owners have taken their teams as far as they believe they can take them. The owners don’t know what to do next to get their teams, and as a result their companies, to the level that they owners envision for their businesses.

  • Focus/Time – Either you are not sure what you need to do to bring your business to the next level, or you know what to do, but can’t seem to get you and/or your company to do it. You may have tried many different strategies, but nothing seems to work. You never seem to have enough time to get everything done that you need to get done.

  • Profit/Sales ­– You are just not making enough money from your business to pay all your bills at home. You could make more money working for someone else, but it would be in a job you just don’t want. Sales went down during the Great Recession, but still have not gotten back to previous levels.

ROI Business Coach's Mission:

The Mission of ROI Business Coach of Milford, CT is to help business owners and their businesses become more successful. We do this by helping them produce better ROIs in the areas of: making more money; working fewer hours; and the running the business with less stress.

ROI Business Coach's Vision:

The Vision of ROI Business Coach is for New England to be the hub of the most successful businesses in the World, with ROI Business Coach as their business coach. Every business with which we work becomes more successful than it has ever been, as a result of working with a ROI Business Coach of Milford, CT. 

Values of ROI Business Coach: 

Commitment – We are always focused on doing what needs to be done to be successful.

Integrity – We are always 100% honest and truthful, keeping promises to everyone including ourselves.

Communication – Taking responsibility for all communication in which I am involved – both as sender and receiver of messages.

Learning – We are always learning, growing and exposing ourselves to as much information as possible, and learn everything we can about topics related to  business.  We also study other topics and apply those concepts to making businesses more effective and efficient.   We study all the businesses that we can to learn what makes each one successful.  We share our learnings with others.

Teamwork – We are all team players.  All our clients, teammates, suppliers, and fellow community members are teammates.

Balance – We balance work and fun.  We work to live, not just live to work.  Work should also be fun.  We believe that businesses should work for business owners, and that business owners should not only live for their businesses.

Purpose – We each have a purpose and help clients find or redefine their purpose.

Systems – We develop systems and processes whenever possible to save time, energy, stress and money.

Consistency – We continually strive to be consistent in all areas of our business and lives.

Client Focus – Our primary focus is always to help clients and their businesses grow both in the short term and in the long term.  We always put our clients first.  We only partner with companies and people that will put our clients first.  That is our most important guiding principle in everything we do.

Quality – Our work is always of the highest quality.  We always work to bring an even higher level of quality in all that we do and create an environment where team members and clients are inspired to provide only quality work as well.  We work with businesses that are good or great at what they do, and we do not work with businesses that provide sub-par work. We consistently deliver results, meeting or exceeding goals

Mutually Beneficial Relationships – We develop and look to create only mutually beneficial relationships.  Everyone that deals with our team members benefits from doing so.

Vision – We have a vision for the future and share it with teammates and clients.  We help clients develop their own vision for their businesses and lives.

Congruence – We strive to be congruent in every way.  We never ask anyone to do anything we would not do ourselves.  We continually work to be as congruent as possible.


If the above sounds great to you, ROI Business Coach in Milford, CT may be just the right solution to take your business to the next level! Just contact Bob Kademian, Founder, today!